During summer vacation, you tend to experience a number of new foods, locales, temperatures, people, situations and circumstances which are great. But if you don’t take certain basic precautions, you can get into trouble. To beat the unrelenting heat, associated problems and other problems in summer, here are few tips to stay healthy while travelling in summer, according to Dr Sujit Paul,MD, Stayhappi pharmacy. Also Read - Man Sells 2-Year-Old Son For Rs 18 Lakh, Uses Money to Go on Holiday With His New Wife

Before heading to the trip, bulk up on fresh foods
We all are excited when our trip is finally happening. But that doesn’t mean to overlook the diet. Focus on eating wholesome fruits, vegetables, lean protein options instead of munching junk before starting the vacations. Also Read - Planning Urgent Train Travel? Please Check These Covid 19 Travel Guidelines Issued by States

Hydrate with H2O
Water is important and it is advised to stick to plain water as beverages can’t help in keeping you hydrated. Alcohol can put additional strain on the body and can weaken the immunity. For staying healthy while travelling, drink at least eight to 12 glasses of water with meals. Also Read - Netizens Troll Bollywood Celebs as Maldives Suspends Tourists From India

Quit fatty foods

It is common to indulge in your favourite foods while travelling. But in between do put some thought to meal preferences and control temptations. Avoid fried and fatty foods that can play havoc with your digestive system and upset your gastrointestinal tract. Enjoy the cuisine of whichever place you’re visiting but take care of your stomach.

Wash your hands often
Washing hands can prevent you from diarrhoea and all respiratory infections. Besides, consider the health of all who are accompanying you. Carry antibacterial wipes and clean down dirty areas such as your seat.

Exercise while you can
If your hotel has a gym, then do take advantage of it. Just spare 20 to 25 minutes and work out. You can also start doing simple exercises like squats or pushups before heading out for the gym.

Don’t forget the sunscreen
Travel in summer can take a good toll on the skin as well. Days spent at the beach or pool implies spending more time under the sun. Use sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) with 30 and apply every 2 hours. It will prevent sunburn and lowers the risk of developing skin cancer.

Get some sleep
Do not forget to have sound sleep for at least 6 hours. Vacation is a time for rest and enjoyment but that doesn’t mean you have to play with your body’s time table.