Derived by pressing olives, olive oil is one of the most beneficial natural ingredients for your body. Being loaded with a plethora of nutritional and beauty benefits, olive oil should be a significant part of your hair care regime. This kitchen staple is rich in anti-ageing and hydrating properties. People are using olive oil to treat greying of hair and hair fall from a long time now. Massaging your scalp with olive oil is one of the best rated ancient methods to control hair-related problems and make your tresses strong and shiny. Here, we give you 4 scientifically-proven reasons why you should add olive oil in your hair care regime.Also Read - Hair Care Tips: Here is How to Keep Your Curly Hair Healthy

Helps Get Rid of Dandruff And Slows Down Greying of Hair

One of the major reasons behind dandruff is dry scalp. Using olive oil can provide nourishment to your scalp and keep it hydrated, resulting in the removal of dandruff. In the process, it also helps you get rid of the frizz and lost sheen. Massaging your hair and scalp using this oil can restore the natural hair colour and prevent greying. Also Read - Benefits of Olive Oil: Skin Care, Hair Care, Breast Cancer And More Reasons to Use it in Daily Diet

Protects Hair From Sun Damage

Exposing your hair to the sunlight for long can lead to hair greying. It can also make your scalp dry. By applying olive oil in your hair, you can easily hydrate your scalp and capture the moisture in. This is how olive oil can protect your hair from sun damage.

Restores pH Level of Hair Follicles

For keeping the hair from discolouration, it is important to maintain the pH of your hair follicles. This is where olive oil shows its magic. Its daily application in the scalp and hair can stimulate melanin production maintaining a balance between hair pigments called Eumelanin and Pheomelanin.

Strengthens Damaged Hair

Excessive use of chemical products and styling tools makes your hair frizzy and lose its colour. This happens when your hair follicles are damaged. Olive oil fights back against the damage and helps in re-strengthening of the week hair.