Festive season is almost over and it’s time for a reality check about all that weight you have gained and that you have been hiding under all those layers of woolens. Come January 2017, you will need to start planning on how to reduce all the festive weight that you have gained, courtesy all the sweets you kept noshing on and all the alcohol you kept pouring in your system. In your efforts to get in shape again, not only is your diet extremely important, but how you eat those foods and what you eat those foods with, is also equally significant.Also Read - Fat To Fit: Smriti Iran's Amazing Weight Loss Transformation Is Praiseworthy, Her Diet And Fitness Secrets Revealed | Watch Video

It might sound a little bizarre, but some unusual food pairings are extremely helpful in losing weight. The nutrient profiles of the two foods, which are paired together, compliment each other in a way which can help you burn a lot of calories faster. The reason behind these foods working better in pairs, lies in the chemical composition of these foods. ALSO READ: New Year’s Resolution 2017: Best Health Food Cafes you must visit this year! Also Read - EXCLUSIVE: Sahher Bambba On Her Fitness, Diet And Workout Routine | Watch Video

Here are some of the best and most unusual food pairings which can help you loose weight faster: Also Read - Skin Care Tips: These Food Items Will Make Your Skin Look Healthy And Flawless, Superfoods For A Glowing Skin | Watch Video

1. Bananas and Spinach

It might sound bizarre but the yellow and green duo is like Batman and Robin when it comes to fighting weight woes. Opt for the slightly green bananas, which are rich in something called the resistance starch, which resists digestion and makes you feel full for longer. When paired with the green veggie super food spinach, the anti-digestive process is boosted, making your body work harder to metabolize food and boosts fat oxidation in the process.

2.  Tuna and Ginger

Fatty fish tuna is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which ward of stress chemicals, which reduces fat storage. Ginger accelerates gastric emptying, reducing bloating and making you feel slimmer. Together, this super team down-regulates fat genes in the stomach, stopping belly fat cells from growing larger. So the ideal dish for you is a ginger flavoured sushi or sashimi. ALSO READ: Foods to eat during pregnancy: 15 power foods to ensure good health for mother and baby

3. Coffee and Cinnamon

Cinnamon is practically calorie-free and contains powerful anti-oxidants which help in the reduction of fat accumulation in the belly. When sprinkled in a cup of caffeine, cinnamon can boost the appetite-suppressing functions of the drink and enhance its flavour on the way. This spiked drink is your magic potion to reduce kilos easily.

4. Corn and beans

Ok so we know the idea of having beans, that basically bloat your belly may not necessarily be a bright idea to help you lose weight you’ll be surprised just how the combination of corn and bean is in fact a kickass approach to weight loss.  A calorie-restricted diet that has four servings of fiber- and protein-rich legumes a week helps in losing weight more efficiently than a calorie-equivalent diet that doesn’t include beans. No points for guessing that the researchers to came to this conclusion were Spanish! Season this with pepper and cilantro or really just that leftover oregano from the pizza order and you are set. ALSO READ: Foods to eat during Periods: Best and healthy foods to fight PMS and menstrual cramps

5. Dark Chocolate and Apples

You probably know that dark chocolate (with at least 70 per cent cocoa) is great for your waistline. Not only does it help you keep those pounds off it also help you keep your blood-sugar levels in check. Apple speeds up the fermentation process of your gut that only helps you reduce inflammation… and of course you weight.