Body stamina and endurance are very tough to achieve, given the rigorous work schedules that all of us follow. Often, you don’t feel motivated to hit the gym before or after work, as you feel burned out and even when you do, you’re not able to exercise properly or last long, because your energy level and stamina is low.  What you eat can greatly affect your endurance at the gym or during a running or exercise session.

To boost body stamina, the food you eat must contain healthy doses of Iron, Calcium, Vitamin C, Proteins and fats. All these nutrients and vitamins ensure body functions at the optimal rate and give your body an energy boost to help you push harder during training and work out sessions. ALSO READ: Best Vegetarian Foods for Sexual Stamina: These vegetarian foods can improve your sexual stamina in no time!

Here are top 10 best foods you can include in your diet to give yourself a stamina boost:

Eggs and Fish

Proteins are very important when you’re trying to build stamina, as these are broken down by our digestive system in our bodies. Amino acids are in turn used to build muscles and repair them. Eggs and fish are among the most protein-rich foods on the planet. One hard-boiled whole egg contains as much as 6 gm of proteins, which is about 11 per cent of the daily protein intake for an average human being. If you’re trying to build stamina, you’ll probably need to increase the consumption of proteins and so you can mix things up. ALSO READ: Best Foods for Healthy Hair: Top 5 foods to eat for naturally strong, shiny, thick hair!

A 100 gm serving of salmon contains 22 gm of proteins, which is almost 50 per cent of the daily intake requirement of a healthy human being. So we’d advise you to take at least one serving salmon per day during lunch, if you’re trying to build stamina. For vegetarians, however, legumes like green peas, lentils and most importantly peanuts are the richest sources of proteins. Peanuts are even more protein-dense than fish (26 gm proteins in 100 gm serving). Try to eat your legumes raw, rather than cooking them, so the protein content is not destroyed.

Apples and Banana

Apples are rich in Iron, which is extremely important for building stamina, as it’s important for transporting oxygen to all parts of the body. Apples are also a great weight loss super food, which are extremely nutrient-dense and contain soluble fibers, vitamins, minerals as well as antioxidants, which keep the heart healthy. They boost the immune system and even detoxify the liver. Now you know where the old-age aphorism ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ comes from! ALSO READ: Vegetarian Diet to get Aamir Khan’s Dangal Body: Top 10 protein-rich vegetarian foods to help athletes bulk up

Bananas are rich sources of complex carbohydrates, fiber and fructose (natural sugars). They are energy-rich super foods which instantly boost energy levels of the body and hence increase endurance. They also trigger the release of dopamine from the body, which improves the mood and helps you stay focussed.

Brown Rice

Brown rice are rich in complex carbs, Vitamin B complex and fiber, all of which are important for healthy bodily functions and increasing stamina. When you’re trying to increase endurance, you will want to swap your bowl of white rice for a bowl of brown rice, as these are less starchy and hence, are easier to digest. They keep the stomach full for longer, something that white rice are incapable of doing and increase stamina, so you last longer in the gym.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale are chock-full of heart healthy antioxidants and iron, both of which are important for a healthy and active body. They are packed with plant nutrients and are also rich sources of fiber, which keeps the digestive system working properly. These foods also increase your Red Blood Cells count and help in proper circulation of blood and oxygen to the body parts. As an added bonus, green leafy vegetables also help you maintain your blood sugar levels. ALSO READ: Best midnight snacks for weight loss: Top 10 yummy and guilt-free foods you can snack on in the night

Lean Meats

Meats are again rich sources of protein, supplying the body with enough amino acids for muscle building and repair. Turkey is a super food, when you’re trying to build your stamina, as the alanine present in the meat cuts lactic acid, which helps you push harder during work outs. Lean meats are low in calories, which prevents you from gaining weight and are rich in minerals and vitamins. They also generally take longer to digest, which keeps you fuller for longer.

Dry Fruits and Nuts

Dry fruits are nutrient-dense power houses, which give your body an instant energy boost, making you work harder at the gym. They are also excellent alternatives to refined sugars and act as natural sweeteners in, say smoothies, or your bowl of oatmeal.  They are also rich omega-3 fatty acids, which are heart healthy fats that cut bad cholesterol in the blood. Nuts like almonds and walnuts are also rich in heart healthy fats. Almonds also nourish the brain (hence, the belief that they strengthen memory power) and also help you keep your bones strong. ALSO READ: How to lose weight post pregnancy? Top 10 Weight Loss Foods to shed kilos faster after delivery

Oatmeal and Quinoa

Oatmeal and quinoa are both healthy foods which are rich in fiber and hence make you feel full for longer, preventing the need for you to snack more frequently. Oatmeal also regulates blood-sugar levels and helps the body sustain optimal energy for longer, keeping you sufficiently pumped for a great work out. Quinoa is rich in amino acids, vitamins, fiber, and minerals and also contains twice as much fiber as other whole grain foods. Quinoa is considered one of the best super foods for athletes.


Beetroot juice is a must in all juice cleanse diets, not just because it helps in flushing out toxins from the body, but also because it’s incredibly nutritious. Beetroots are rich sources of Vitamins A and C and help boost energy and body stamina. They eliminate fatigue and help you jump up and never miss a workout.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is tasty and healthy and hence is our favourite health food. Believe it or not, it also helps in slimming you down. It’s high in heart healthy fats and help suppress hunger pangs by keeping you full for longer. Eat it in combination with some complex carbohydrate foods like banana or apples and oatmeal crackers and you have a yummy and healthy snack, which is also easy on your weight. However, make sure you don’t overdo it. ALSO READ: Easy Winter Food Recipes: Hearty and yummy winter Indian lunch recipes


Pomegranate seeds are one of the lesser known healthy super foods, which help in increasing cardiovascular functions, making you feel energized for sweating it out at the gym. After the work out, if your muscles feel sore, then too this wonder fruit has your back, as the polyphenol in it helps in reducing inflammation and soreness by about 10 per cent, making you feel relaxed.