Just like your skin, your hair also needs pampering to look good. For lustrous and long tresses, you need to provide your scalp and hair follicles with the essential nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Though there are various supplements available in the market that can stimulate your hair growth, if you wish to go natural, there is a plethora of food items that can give you the same benefit. Read further to know about foods that can promote hair growth.Also Read - Want to Promote Hair Growth And Relieve Insomnia? Opt For Spikenard Essential Oil


Being rich in procyanidin B-2, apples can stimulate epithelial cells and promote hair growth. Also, the antioxidants present in this fruit can fight against the free radicals and reduce hair damage. Even if you wish to improve your hair thickness, you can have apples as they are packed with protein. Also Read - Potential stem cell therapy may help promote hair growth


Strawberries contain vitamin C and other strong antioxidants, that can improve the health of your hair. If anecdotal evidences are to be believed, silica present in strawberries can stop hair loss and prevent the onset of baldness. Eating strawberries every day can treat dandruff and also make your hair appear shiny. Also Read - Top 5 essential oils for hair growth and how to use them


Bananas can help in hair growth by preventing dandruff and improving the quality of your scalp. Its rich nutritional content can also unclog the scalp pores. If you want your hair to impart shine, have a banana every day. It can also prevent breakage and split-ends.