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2016 has been a bad year and if the current global and national trends are any indication, 2017 is probably not headed towards any better future either. There will probably be numerous opportunities for you to want to drink and drown away your woes and problems in alcohol. Even if things are more positive than we can predict, alcohol will always be a part of the equation, even if it is for celebratory meetings and parties. Either ways, the alcoholic in you will want to give vent to her/his desires and indulge in one long night of binge-drinking. Also Read - Matar Paneer Gravy Recipe: Here's How You to Make This Delicious Vegetarian Dish at Home

When we make drinking plans, we hardly think about what will come the morning after the ‘fun-filled’ night. The hangover is a regular feature in most of our adult lives and something that we will just have to deal with, as a consequence of having too much fun. But there are some easy-to-prepare home made cures for the pesky headache and nausea that is sure to trouble you on various occasions in the coming year. These foods won’t take a lot of time or energy to prepare and will give your body all the loving that it will need in its hung over state. ALSO READ: Attention Mumbaikars! You can drink 30 cocktails in the price of 1 using this amazing app Also Read - Study Identifies Molecular Link Between Meat Diet, Cancer Risk

Here are some home made hang over cures which you will need to be acquainted with in 2017:

Ginger/peppermint tea

Ginger is a natural cure for hangovers as it fights nausea and sickness. Brew a quick cup of piping hot chai with lots of ginger and sip it with your friends, while you guys recount the stupid things you did last night. Alternatively you can add a few drops of peppermint extract to your tea, as it is commonly recommended to pregnant women to fight morning sickness. It also reduces stomach pain and nausea. Add honey instead of sugar to your tea to enhance its hangover fighting capabilities. Honey helps by metabolizing alcohol faster and is even recommended to be consumed alone, or with a few drops of ginger extract, to cure hangovers.

Banana Smoothie

Bananas are great sources of potassium and are also high in water content, which helps in rehydrated the body and also replenishing the potassium reserves which were depleted when you were draining glass after glass of bloody Marys last night. A banana smoothie is a better option than eating the banana raw, as it will be easier to consume and digest. Besides, you can lace it with a good amount of honey, to add to the drink’s anti-hangover benefits. ALSO READ: Wine trends of 2017: These are the 13 hottest wine trends for 2017


Contrary to popular belief that eating a large and greasy breakfast can help cure hangover, a breakfast that is filling and nutritious is your best bet. Whole grain cereals or a bowl of oatmeal makes the perfect hung over breakfast, as they fill you up and contain essential nutrients like B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and iron. Oats contain acid neutralizing compounds and can also raise blood sugar levels giving you an instant energy boost. Whole-wheat crackers and toasts with honey is also considered an ideal morning-after breakfast food, as they can provide the body with the adequate level of energy, without adding too many calories.

Tomato juice

Or, as alcoholics will like to call it, Virgin Mary. There’s a myth called Hair of the Dog, which originates from Norwegian folk and which says drinking alcohol in the morning-after is the best way to fight a hang over. While the idea of having more alcohol might be appealing to some die-hard ethanol fans, it’s probably the worst advice ever for a cure. It’s likely to make it even worse by dehydrating your body even further. However, a drink of tomato juice is a great idea, as it’s rich in the vitamins, minerals and enzymes, which were robbed off your body the night before. ALSO READ: Best and Easy cocktail recipes perfect for your house party

Chicken/Vegetable Noodle soup

Nothing like a steaming hot bowl of noodle soup, or as Indians would like to call it, Maggi, to fight a heavy hang over. The food will restore sodium and water levels of the body. Chicken noodles are probably a better idea, as the meat contains cysteine, which gives your liver a much-needed boost after a grueling night of abuse that you’ve probably put it through. ALSO READ: Best Mumbai Restaurants with Happy Hours: Top 10 places for great offers on drinks in Mumbai

Water/Sports Drinks/Coconut Water

The worst hangovers can be cured by as simple a thing as a drink of water. It’s because you were dehydrated because of all the alcohol you drank the night before, that you feel sick in the morning. So after you wake up, rehydrate as much as you can. Sports drinks like Gatorade also help a lot by restoring body fluids and electrolytes. You can also opt for coconut water, as a sports drink might not be able to replenish the store of all five electrolytes needed by the body.