Many cannot sustain a healthy diet because they miss out on taste of your favorite foods. While tasty food is certainly a temptation, for your health’s sake it is important that you do not eat too much of rich foods laden with oil and calories. But the good news is, eating bland food is not your only option to stay healthy, you can eat foods that are not dunked in excess oil, are healthy and tasty as well. Here are a few dishes that you can try that do not require any oil and are high on taste as well.

Tandoori paneer

This dish is one of the most popular vegetarian dishes and a regular on the menu of any north Indian restaurant. Tandoori paneer can be made without using any oil and you can grill it at home if you don’t have tandoor. All you have to do is cut cubes of paneer and then marinate them with spices and curd. Keep it aside for 30 minutes and then grill the paneer without using any oil. This is a great way to eat a protein-rich snack that has ample taste as well. (ALSO SEE Office snacks for weight loss)

Boiled corn

One of the healthiest and filling snacks you can have is a bowl of boiled corn. In India, you also find vendors selling bhutta, that is slightly char-grilled and topped with lemon juice and red chilli powder. This adds that extra zing to it and it is hygienic as well as the corn’s outer cover is peeled off only when you have to eat it. You can either eat it that way or remove the corn kernels and then boil them in water. Spice it with some salt and chilli powder or pepper and then enjoy the dish without guilt.

Chana chaat

Another healthy dish that does not require oil is the yummy chana chaat. For this, you need to soak and pressure cook chana. Once it is cooked, chop onions, tomatoes, green chillies and then toss them in a bowl. Add the chana and mix all together after adding a dash of salt and pepper to it. This makes for a protein-rich dish that can be savoured in the evening. (ALSO SEE Best midnight snacks for weight loss)

Jacket potato

Potatoes can be eaten with their skin intact that not just adds a flavor to the vegetable but also increases the nutritional value. But ensure that you thoroughly wash the potato before cooking it as it can store a lot of dirt in the skin. Boil the potato in water and then cut it into four pieces. Add some chopped onion on top and some grated cheese if you like. A pinch of salt and pepper can also be added for taste. Have this preferably in the morning instead of the night.

Grilled mushroom

People either love mushroom or can’t stand it and if you are someone who falls in the first category, you can enjoy it grilled instead of fried or roasted. All you have to do it clean them and then chop them. Chop some peppers also to enhance the taste. Then pop them on a grill and lightly season with lemon juice and salt. Since mushroom has its own taste, you don’t need much marination along. Grill from all sides along with the pepper and enjoy this dish.

Photograph: Shutterstock