After a month of running around for marriage preparations and tons of rituals, the only time a couple get some time off is on their honeymoon trip. Couples look forward to this trip when both of them are all by themselves away from the maddening crowd. But apart from this, another reason why honeymoon trips are the best is because this is also the time when romance is at its peak and there is a lot of exploring happening. By exploring we men, exploring each other’s personality and body.  Also there is a lot of sex that happens, especially with such a perfect ambiance and luxurious hotel rooms, also there will be nobody else to disturb you. So if you are newly married have planned a honeymoon trip, let us help you with some tips and suggestions. Since we are pretty sure that every honeymoon is incomplete without sex, these are some best sex positions that you must try on your honeymoon.  However, before you read about these sex positions, let us also tell you that every love making is beautiful only when the start of is done perfectly. Start with foreplay, caressing each other, kissing and romantic talks. Only after this, proceed towards sex and these wild yet some of the best sex positions.  These ideas are sure to rock your honeymoon.Also Read - 6 facts about the doggy style sex position that every couple must know!

1. Lap Dance:

honeymoon sex

There is no better place than hotel rooms to try out the La Dance sex position. With cushy couches and chairs, you can make the most of this and do the Lap Dance. In this position, your husband will sit on a chair and you will si ton his lap. While you sit on his lap, hang your legs on the side and straddle him.  This position is really sexy because it lets the both of you to look at each other and also at each other’s bodies.  You can bring in a bit of creativity by doing this sex position at different places. You do not have to restrict this position to a chair.  The woman that is you can also change your movements as per your choice to add some spice. For some more romance you can turn on the music, preferably something romantic and make him go mad.

2. Side by side position:

honeymon sex 2

The side by side position is one of the best sex positions that you can try on your honeymoon.  It is very sensual and can be done in two different ways.  You can lie down side by side by facing each other and let your husband go inside you.  This way your body is really close to your husband increasing intimacy and you can also look at him. The other way of doing it is the spooning way. The husband will lie down holding the wife from behind and penetrate from behind. This way your husband will hug you tight and fondle your breasts and private parts.  This is also a lazy way of having sex and hence it is best done during mornings.

3. The Mermaid position:

The mermaid sex position is one of the sexiest and wildest of all.  You have to lay down somewhere, on a table or on a bed and lift your legs high up. Your husband will enter from between your legs and penetrate by holding your legs for better balance.  While he is thrusting you, you can touch your clitoris and turn him on than he already is.

4. Roller Coaster:

honeymoon sex 4

This sex position is more like a cowgirl position but in reverse. The girl in on top and in control and her back will face the man who is lying down.  The speed of how you thrust your man is totally on you.  You can start slowly and then increase your speed.  You can also lean back instead of just sitting so that your husband can feel your breasts and touch your clitoris. This will add to the sexiness and steam up your sex session.

5. Doggy position:

honeymoon sex 3

The doggy position will never go out of demand. Every couple must try this sex position at least once. And when you are honeymoon, this is one of the most important and must try sex position.  On this position, the woman will bend down and be on her knees and hands and the man will enter her from behind.  This position is also said to be the best because it helps the woman to achieve an orgasm since it touches her G-spot.  Your husband can also lean forward to touch your breasts and fondle your clitoris.  If you are okay trying the kinky stuff, you can also ask your husband to smack your ass.

These are some of the best sex positions that you can try on your honeymoon to add more spark to your sex life.  Since sex is an important part of a relationship, make sure you keep it active and interesting. There is always some scope for creativity and improvement. Try different things and do not forget that pleasure is all about give and take. So, to all you honeymooners, wish you a very happy honeymooning!