Partying at a bar or pub is great but let’s be honest, we end up spend more than we should. Sometimes, you don’t like the food, sometimes the music is not good and sometimes the place becomes overcrowded. It can ruin your mood and the idea of the perfect weekend. So, the best way to enjoy a party is to throw a house party. Don’t you like to have an all-night house party with your close friends? It is always better to have a party at home than a bar or club. You and your friends can play games, gossip endlessly, drink all you want and dance the night away. You can also have your favorite music and food. Oh yes, the party is incomplete without the food. Good appetizers will kick start your party and you can make them at home. Here are some of the best vegetarian appetizers you can make at home for an amazing house party. Also Read - Good News For Train Travelers: IRCTC Resumes Food On Track Service on Train Berths

1. Paneer Bruschetta

Crispy bread loaded with paneer is delicious and easy to make. Do try it for your next party, here is the recipe.
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2. Green Peas Cheese Fritters

This quick savory will surely make you drool. You can eat green peas cheese fritters with any sauce. Here’s the video of the recipe.
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3. Chilli Cheese Toast

Chili cheese toast is made using your bread. All you need is some chopped capsicum, coriander leaves, some cheese and some chilies. Bake it for 8 minutes and it is ready. Here’s the video.

4. Hummus

Hummus is a Middle Eastern Delicacy usually accompanied with pita bread or falafel. You will need boiled chickpeas and some extra virgin olive oil along with a couple of other ingredients to make this dish.

5. Potato wedges

Potato wedges are another popular appetizer, in fact it goes perfectly with every dish. This is the dish you should prepare if you want to impress your guests.  Here is the recipe.

Do try these appetizers at home for the next party.