Post pregnancy hair loss can be difficult to deal with. You will need to make a few changes in your lifestyle to effectively deal with this. Dr Priyanka Sampat, Birla Ayurveda shares some vital tip all new moms need to follow after their pregnancy.

The diet plays an indispensable role in coping up with the postpartum hair fall. The alterations in the diet as per the dosha imbalance need to be included in order to control hair fall and have a healthy body recovery. Following are some of the tips for inculcating dosha imbalance in the diet:
• Intake of snigdha guna pradhan like oily, ghee-enriched nourishing kind of food
• Intake of warm potency food which will help in nourishing the dhatus and avoid further imbalance in vata dosha
• Intake of ghee and nourishing good which balances vata and pitta helps the cell to rejuvenate thus nourishment reaches to complete body and nourishes the hair follicles
• Restoration of agni is of utmost importance during this phase

Appropriate rest and sleep

The lack of sleep not only uplifts the stress level but it also affects hair fall. During pregnancy and delivery, there is a lot of discomfort for sleep. Following the delivery of the baby also, the mother doesn’t get adequate sleep in order to take care of the newborn. This increases the dryness and the heat in the body thus aggravating pitta and vata dosha which results in hair fall. This highlights the importance of sleep.

Some ways to prevent postpartum hair loss:
• Massage
Post delivery massage plays a vital role in body rejuvenation, restructuring, and restoration.
Full body abhynagam oiling is generally recommended by doctors advice which lubricates the cells and nourishes the whole body. The oils which are used are special oils which nourish rasa-shukra dhatu. This is responsible for hair growth.
• Medicines
There are few medications which are used during this period which restore the body and helps in lactation along with nourishment. Medicines like shatavari and dashmoolarishta should be consumed under doctors advice.