Weight loss is one of the most searched topics on Google and still a majority of people are confused about the right ways to shed those extra kilos. If we have to say the least, consistency in weight loss routine is what can help you sail through this tough journey. To get the body of your dreams, sweating is important but the other most significant step is to keep a count on your calorie intake. Also Read - Weight Loss: Try These Homemade Detox Drinks And Shed Those Extra Kilos

Mindful eating will help you yield a positive result. In the day time, usually people end up eating too much and forget their calorie counts due to work pressure, personal commitments and so on. Therefore, it is the night when you can be extra careful and balance the level of nutrients that you have over-consumed. Making some small tweaks in your dinner can help you reach your weight loss goal faster. Let’s know about those changes one by one. Also Read - Weight Loss: 5 Protein-Rich Food Items You Must Eat to Have Body of Your Dreams

Eat in a Small Plate

Eating in a small plate prevents you from filling it too much due to limited space. Also, it gives your mind a signal that you have already eaten much and therefore no need to refill your plate. This is how a small plate helps you in controlling your food portion and preventing overeating. Also Read - Sugar vs. Jaggery: Which One is Healthier And Perfect For Weight Loss?

Have a Warm Drink Before Having Your Dinner

Consuming something warm like a bowl of soup, or a cup of tea/coffee prevents you from having too much food and controls your calorie consumption too. Sipping a hot drink slowly gives your mind a satisfactory signal that you are not hungry.

Do Not Take Food From Other’s Plate

According to certain studies in the field, having food from other’s plate is not counted as a part of a meal by your brain. And, you end up overeating. So, you must refrain yourself from taking even small bites from other’s plate.