No matter how much the time has changed, certain things have remained the same for women. They were scrutinized and questioned in the past for almost everything and still the situation is no different. Maybe the ways of putting women down and questioning their self-worth has probably changed but the sole purpose of proving men superior to women has sadly not. That is why society starts questioning a woman’s character the moment she crosses her 30s without getting married. It tries to scare her with questions of safety, financial stability, and ability to survive. Also Read - Anushka Sharma Shares Secret of a Successful Relationship

Well, for people who still believe women need men to grow and survive, let us tell you that, they are much more stronger than their counterparts and can sustain a dozen men by themselves. So, think twice before you put a finger on a woman’s capabilities and her worth. She can fly and would not need your wings to do so as she has her own. Also Read - Shahid Afridi on Relationship With Gautam Gambhir, Virat Kohli vs Babar Azam Comparisons

So, please stop asking certain irritating questions to all the single ladies around you. We understand that you get intimidated by their strong characters and that’s why wish to put a full stop on their success. But that’s not going to happen. So, it would better if you stop asking these 3 most irritating questions from any single woman. Also Read - People Belonging to These Zodiac Signs Become Dramatic in Relationships

You Must Actively Start Finding a Good Guy And Get Married

It is not only about women but nobody’s sole purpose in life should be just to get married. Think big and think different. Have a goal and try to achieve it. There is no harm in finding a good guy and getting married but that should not be a forced decision. Getting married is a huge thing that should only happen when you are in a happy space and willing to have a partner to share your happiness with him. So, stop bothering single women with this decade-old question and let them do what they like. Let them focus on their careers and reach a point where they would themselves say yes to marriage.

Why Don’t You Think of Getting Married And Settling Down?

First thing first. Getting married is not synonymous to settling down. It is just a phase of life where you have someone to share your happy and sad times. You literally feel settled down when you have reached your goal and in a happy space. A balanced personal and professional life can give you that satisfaction. So, you should not ask any single woman why is she not getting married and settling down.

Do Not Wait Too Long to Have Kids

First of all, not every woman wants to have babies. Also, some may have the intent to adopt rather than deliver their biological children. And, even if a woman wants to have her biological child, she knows better than anyone else when to have a baby or what methods to choose to have a bay. So, do not tell any woman to have children as soon as possible. The sole purpose of a woman’s life is not to bear children. She can have some other desires too.