Until now, health officials were saying that coronavirus cannot exit in air and therefore everyone doesn’t need to wear a mask. Those who are sick were only advised to do so. It seems like, COVID-19 is actually an infodemic more than a pandemic. Also Read - Katrina Kaif Plays Guitar in Self-Quarantine Amid COVID 19 Scare, Video Goes Viral

Recent research conducted at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has revealed that highly contagious novel coronavirus can remain infectious in air for hours. Also, it can be viable on surfaces up to days. Also Read - Coronavirus: Total COVID-19 Infections in India Rise to 169, Latest Case From Chandigarh

As a part of the study, scientists sprayed the COVID-19 virus in an aerosol that duplicated droplets created by coughing or sneezing. Then, the study team observed how long the virus remained viable on surfaces. Also Read - Dilip Kumar Does His Bit Against COVID-19, Educates Fans on Twitter Amid Self-Quarantine

According to the study results published in the New England Journal of Medicine, coronavirus remains infectious for around 3 hours in aerosol droplets. This means that if a healthy person inhales these droplets within these 3 hours, he/she can get infected easily. Also, touching your nose, eyes, or mouth after getting the droplets on your hands can make you infected.

Further, it was found that the virus remains active on plastic and stainless steel for around 6 hours. Additionally, on cardboard, the viable virus cannot be detected after 24 hours. To become non-functional, the virus takes 4 hours on copper.

Researchers revealed that every 66 minutes, the virus loses 25 per cent of its viability. This means that after every 6 hours of the virus being landed on a surface, its viability would be only around 2 per cent. So, you must avoid touching objects as much as you can. Even if you do so, do not touch your nose, eyes, and mouth without washing your hands with soap and water for a good 40 seconds. Make sure you clean them properly between fingers and inside nails. Additionally, wear a mask especially when you are outside.

Notably, the total number of coronavirus cases has crossed 170 in India. According to the WHO report, as of March 18, there were 207,860 confirmed cases of COVID-19 globally. Among them, 8,657 have already died.