COVID-19 is associated with various complications and the most severe ones begin appearing when the SARS-CoV-2 starts spreading in your lungs. This is the time when your condition may start worsening and you can start experiencing other pulmonary and lung complications. COVID-19 reaches this stage when you are not able to diagnose the condition in its preliminary phase. Here, we tell you about a few warning signs to look for in order to avoid the development of the complication.Also Read - Mask It Up! This Is Why You’ll Still Need A Mask Even After COVID-19 Vaccination

Constant Coughing

SARS-CoV-2 divides and increases in number in your chest linings. This is how it further causes inflammation and also creates a blockage in your chest. This causes constant coughing. If you are experiencing a dry cough and that persists for at least 2 weeks, you need to consult a doctor as it is a sign of lung infection. Also Read - How Can You Register For COVID Vaccine Using CO-WIN App? Where Will You Get Vaccinated? Your Answers Here

Shortness of Breath

When the COVID-19 causing virus enters your lungs and blocks the entry point of oxygen to the lungs, you feel shortness of breath. A dip in your oxygen level can turn fatal and you may require ventilation support. Also Read - 'Will Help Strengthen COVID-19 Fight': WHO Welcomes India's Vaccine Approval

Chest Pain

COVID-19 can cause lung damage and that can lead to chest pain. If you suddenly start feeling this symptom, you need to consult a doctor as it can be a sign of severe COVID-19 infection.