During the current COVID-19 pandemic, hand sanitisers have become a necessity and a significant part of our lives. Its frequent use can protect us from contracting the deadly virus. But, at the same time, it can lead to some severe skin issues as well. You must have heard a common saying that excess of everything is bad. It applies in this case too.Also Read - Alert! Stop Using These 9 Hand Sanitisers ASAP, FDA Issues Warning

Though the use of hand sanitiser is important to kill the virus, it can also kill good bacteria in the process and gradually can lead to hand dermatitis which is a condition, characterised by dry, red, and swollen skin. Dermatitis can leave your skin feel itchy and you may also experience a burning sensation in severe cases. Chemicals and alcohol present in hand sanitiser can be harmful for your skin, if overused. To prevent this from happening, you can take certain important measures. Read on to know about it. Also Read - Mandatory Mask, Hand Sanitiser And Aprons: This is How Salons, Parlours to Open in MP

Keep a Moisturiser Handy

You must apply a good hand moisturiser every time you can use a hand sanitiser. It will keep your skin soft and eliminate your chances of getting hand dermatitis.

Prefer Using Soap And Water

You should use a hand sanitiser only when you do not have access to soap and water. This evergreen combination is less harmful than the former and do not cause an allergic reaction. You can use an antiseptic soap for better safety. Wet wipes can be a good alternative when you neither have a hand sanitiser nor soap and water.

Use Coconut Oil

Having strong emollient properties, coconut oil can keep your skin smooth. It fills the space between skin cells and does it moisturising work. Coconut oil contains saturated fatty acids that hydrate your skin, if used.

Apply Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is also known as mineral oil. It protects your skin and heals any skin-related issue. It works by trapping the moisture underneath. You can use petroleum jelly if your skin is dry and you have irritating skin patches.