Are you a snorer or someone in your family is? This noisy night time issue can be frustrating for others who do not snore. Mostly affecting men than women, snoring is basically a harsh sound that occurs due to a physical obstruction in the passage of air through the nose. The condition is characterized by symptoms like breathing pauses, restless sleep, high blood pressure, chest pain, and poor attention span. There is an array of factors contributing to this problem. Some of them include having a soft palate, alcohol consumption, sleep deprivation, nasal problem etc. Being obese, having nasal problem, being a man, and having a history of obstructive sleep apnoea increase your risk of becoming a snorer. There are simple lifestyle changes that can help you get rid of this problem. Read on to know about them.

Stay hydrated

According to the Institute of Medicine, drinking at least 11 glasses of water a day potentially keeps snoring away. Dehydration is known to make the soft palate present in the nose and the secretion in this organ stickier creating obstruction in the flow of air. So, it is advised to be hydrated throughout the day and have water even at night in case you feel thirsty.

Avoid alcohol consumption

Drinking alcohol can have a sedative effect on your body and it can potentially relax your jaw and throat muscles. As a result of this, your nose muscle can collapse restricting the air flow. This is what can lead to snoring. So, you basically need to stop consuming alcohol if you wish to get rid of the condition.

Change your sleep position

Sleeping on your back is known to contribute to snoring. However, sleeping on sides can stop you from doing so. Therefore, it is advised to support your body with pillow to keep sleeping on your sides. Also, keep your head elevated.