Do you follow a fiber-rich diet that includes food rich in protein than carbohydrates? If yes, you may experience bloating. It is a discomfort in the belly that occurs when your gastrointestinal (GI) tract gets filled with air or gas. It is a characterised by symptoms like a feeling of tightness in the belly, swollen abdomen, pain, frequent burping, abdominal gurgles, etc. Also Read - Bloating May Lead to Weight Gain, Debloat Your Tummy With These Effective Ways

A recent study published in the journal Clinical and Translational Gastroenterology has revealed that consuming food including legumes, beans, and nuts causes bloating as they are rich in protein and boost “certain populations of healthful fiber-digesting gut bacteria species, which produce gas as a byproduct.” This means that micronutrients have a significant role in modifying the population of gut bacteria. Also Read - Overuse of probiotics may cause bloating, brain fogginess

If you wish to avoid bloating, you know what to avoid in terms of food. But there are an array of other things that you can consider to keep bloating at bay. Read on to know about them. Also Read - Avoid Eating These 6 Foods That Cause Stomach Bloating

Do not swallow air or gases

There are various ways in which you knowingly or unknowingly stuff your belly with air or gas. And, this can cause severe bloating. To avoid this occurrence, you must chew your food better before swallowing. It reduces the amount of air you take into your stomach. Also, consuming carbonated drinks like soda, fizzy drinks etc. can lead to the problem. So, avoid having them. These beverages contain bubbles with carbon dioxide. Moreover, talking while having food or drinking through a straw increase the amounts of swallowed air.

Avoid eating too much at a time

If you experience bloating quite frequently, you must have noticed that your body is sensitive to food. So, you basically need to eat smaller meals. Sometimes, stuffing too much can cause discomfort and feel like bloating. It has been found that certain people who frequently suffer from bloating do not have an enlarged stomach. Their issue is more sensory.

Do not consume too much sugar alcohols

Usually found in chewing gums and sugar-free food, sugar alcohols are responsible for causing digestive issues. Though they are known to be a safe alternative to sugar, they are the favourite food of gut bacteria too. The microbiome actually digests the sugar alcohols and produce gas. So, you need to avoid a large dosage of sugar alcohol.