In a bid to treat patients of coronavirus, a Houston hospital has used blood transfusion therapy. It is being considered as an effective way to help COVID-19 patients recover. In this medical process, the blood plasma of an already recovered person is taken to build immunity and develop required antibodies in other patients. Also Read - Astrophysicist Ends Up in Hospital After He Gets Magnets Stuck Up His Nose While Inventing Coronavirus Device

Also known as convalescent serum therapy, blood transfusion method has been used in the past during some epidemics (polio, measles, Spanish flu, and mumps) and proved effective. Also Read - Telugu Stars Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna Akkineni, Sai Tej Join Hands For Coronavirus Song- Watch

Blood serum transfusion actually helps in building passive immunity. By this term, we mean providing already developed antibodies of a disease to a patient instead of giving vaccine to develop antibodies by his/her own immune system. In the case of coronavirus, a person already recovered from it can offer his blood plasma containing the antibodies that work against COVID-19, to a new patient and can help him/her to be cured. Also Read - Anushka Sharma And Virat Kohli Donate an Undisclosed Amount to PM-CARES Joining India's Fight Against Coronavirus

According to scientists, convalescent serum therapy can be really helpful in current situation as we do not have any other effective treatment option to offer to patients. Also, there is no vaccine of coronavirus yet. And, it may take around 1 year for the scientists to develop the vaccine. So, success of plasma transfusion therapy can speed up the treatment of coronavirus patients and help in tackling with the pandemic in a better way.

Notably, coronavirus has affected a total of 723,643 people worldwide until now. And, it has claimed lives of 33,999 individuals. The number of COVID-19 patients is increasing everyday. Though government is trying its best to contain the virus, we as responsible citizens of our country, need to be disciplined enough and follow the guidelines. Stay at home and be safe.