Neha Dhupia on her postpartum body: Actor Neha Dhupia recently gave birth to her second child. The actor is all healthy and is trying to spread body positivity for mothers who have gained weight or those who are concerned about looking different now. Neha said she would want to achieve the body that she had before the birth of her two kids but the fact is that she’s happy in whichever state she is today.Also Read - Sameera Reddy Talks About 'Affirmations' in an Important Post About Body Positivity

While speaking to ETimes in a live conversation, Neha talked about getting anxious and ‘figuring it out’ after the birth of her second child. She said she has to focus on feeling good and understand that she has introduced a human being to the world who lived inside her for a few months and has now left her body like an empty bag. Also Read - Sameera Reddy’s Message on Body Positivity is The Perfect Way to Start Your Weekend | Watch

Neha was quoted as saying, “I want to go back to my pre-natal body which I had before my two kids (laughs). But the truth is that I am happy in the body that I have right now and we need to stop overthinking. I am in my postpartum body right now, there was someone in me and I am left like a bag but I feel so good to be able to give life and I speak for all mothers. Don’t put yourself through it, don’t overthink.” Also Read - Neha Dhupia Reveals How She Struggles To Get Work During Her Second Pregnancy: 'Filmmakers Dropped Me From Projects'

She said she knows ‘ho jaayega’ in between all the sleepless nights and time management she has to do with her husband Angad Bedi. Neha said, “You know what you are getting but it gets twice as demanding. There are sleepless nights, you are pulling your head apart, there is a lot of time management but these are exciting times. We are kind of figuring it out. It is a bit demanding and we are trying to find a balance…. but ho jaayega!”

Neha has always been a councellor for body positivity. She has been helping the new moms to remove stigmas around breastfeeding and body issues. The actor was the mother of girl named Mehr Dhupia Bedi when she had her second child earlier this month.