If you are seeking inspiration to kickstart your fitness journey, then Pooja Batra’s latest yoga post will do the trick. The 44-year-old actor recently posted a slew of pictures performing Floating Camel Asana, a variation of Ustrasana. Pooja who is ageing like a fine wine often shares pictures and videos of herself performing yoga asanas.Also Read - Sanjay Dutt Birthday Special: Watch Video to Know How Nargis Dutt Named Him to Controversial Drug Angles, Lesser Known Facts About Sanjay Dutt

Donning a blue sports bra and tights, Pooja can be seen performing the asana in her garden. Along with pictures, Pooja shed light on how practicing yoga for an hour can uplift mood. She wrote, “At times, a simple one-hour yoga practice can melt away a gloomy mood. And with longer term yoga practice, of course, this effect can be even more precious, as we grow into a fuller expression of our gifts and inner potential.” Also Read - World ORS Day: Life-Saving Effects of ORS During Diarrheal Dehydration Among Children

Check out Pooja Batra’s post here:

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Thinking what are the benefits of Floating Camel Pose?

An advanced variation of Camel Pose (Ustrasana), this yoga pose helps you to experience deep spinal extension without having to support your weight with your arms. This yoga strengthens the back muscles and also improves the overall postures. Stimulates the organs of the abdomen and neck.

Did you know, practicing Ustrasana on a regular basis can relieve neck and back pain which is otherwise caused by slouching in front of a computer or driving?

Pooja often shared pictures of herself performing different postures. In one of her previous posts, Pooja pulled off a neat Vrischikasana or Yoga’s Scorpion pose. Pooja shared in the caption, “Prana flows where attention goes.” ~ Ancient yogic saying (sic).”

She added, “The ancient yogis added another dimension to this teaching, emphasizing the power of intention, or Sankalpa, in directing the flow of life force energy. #Sankalpa is an intention to manifest something, whether it be a certain goal or desire. #yogawithpoojabatra #yogaeverydamnday (sic).”

Vrischikasana or Scorpion yoga pose will help you with balance and endurance and it also improves alertness, concentration and neuromascular coordination.