Botox VS Fillers: Facial injectables are on the rise and they have been in the market for over two decades. While most of us may already know the basics of Botox and how it helps with fine lines and wrinkles, not many are aware of the dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are slowly, but steadily encroaching on that spot as well. But what is the difference between the two?Also Read - Skincare Tips: When is The Best Time to Moisturise Your Body?

Here, we try to understand how fillers are different from Botox, common fears around fillers etc. Read on! Also Read - Skincare Tips For People in Their 20s: Expert Explains How to Deeply Rejuvenate Your Skin And Fix The Glow

Difference between Botox and fillers?

On the face especially, we have two kinds of lines, wrinkles, and folds which are static lines. It occurs at rest, it can happen due to aging and sun damage, it is known as photodamage. Even if the person is not frowning, we have those two lines on the forehead, you can find crisscross lines on the face. Another type of lines and wrinkles occurs with expressions or animations. For instance, when you smile you get the crow’s feet, and when you cry you get the number 11 lines on your forehead, when you worry you get horizontal lines across the forehead, they are called dynamic lines. Fillers are used for eliminating static lines, the lines which occur due to sun damage, and incidentally with age people start losing fat on the face, and fillers are also used to replace lost volume on the face, lips, undereye, wherever the fat has been lost. Fillers, fill in what has been lost. Also Read - All You Need to Know About Microexfoliation and its Benefits

Whereas Botox is a neurotoxin it’s a chemical that is produced from bacteria to remove lines and wrinkles, it basically produces localized paralysis. So, after botox, if someone wants to look surprised or frown, they cannot because their face is paralyzed. That’s a major difference between a botox and a filler.

What are the side effects of fillers?

Side effects are almost negligible if it is the right candidate with the right fillers, the right technique, the choice of all three must be correct. But yes, side effects can take place, if the filler is not a standard one because there are fillers available in the market which have a lot of contaminants, and if the placement is not correct (if the placement is too superficial or too deep) it can create problems. Fillers are made of natural products including Hyaluronic acid but sometimes the Hyaluronic acid has other additives for cross-linking. Fillers can migrate, it can migrate to cheeks, eye bags, and to other unwanted areas. If it is not placed properly, it can lead to an allergic reaction, bruising, infection, itching, redness, scarring, and in rare cases it can lead to blindness. You need to go to a trained person to get this done in a completely sterile manner.

At what age should one get fillers?

Aging starts as early as 20. Also depending on their lifestyle and exposure. There is something called pre-rejuvenation which means they start rejuvenating the face to postpone aging or wrinkles and lines. Here, the choice of filler is different, they just have some hydrating fillers. Hydrating fillers can be done at any age for dry skin, it can also be done in the older age group who doesn’t want it for beauty reasons, they just want it for the comfort of the skin. Hydrating fillers can be injected at any age from 20 to 75.

How long do lip fillers last?

There are three types of fillers, temporary fillers, semi-permanent and permanent fillers. The temporary fillers last less than a year, the semi-permanent fillers last for more than one year and the permanent ones will last for more than two years. It’s always safer to go for a temporary one for two reasons. One, if you don’t like it, you can dissolve it immediately. Number two, your face changes with age.

How much do lip fillers cost?

It depends on the volume that is used. We have 1ml syringes, 2 ml syringes, and then we have different brands. The good brands which are FDA-approved are expensive costs at least Rs 20,000 per syringe. Smaller brands that are not FDA-approved cost at least Rs 15,000 per syringe. But better the brand, better the results!

How do I care for my lips post-injection?

They must avoid sun exposure, sauna bath for at least a week. Avoid manipulating that area, wide massages because we want the fillers to be in place, we want fillers to get integrated into the tissue they must go, it takes a week. And all the procedures also must be planned accordingly. Any dental procedures must be avoided after the procedure.