Are you hitting a gym to lose weight? Does nothing seem to be working in this regard? If yes, try eating brown rice. Don’t be surprised. Rice is not always synonymous with carbohydrates. Brown rice is extremely nutritious and contains fewer carbs than white rice. Also, it has been associated with reduced cholesterol levels, prevention of diabetes and gallstones. Apart from these, brown rice has beauty benefits too. Read further to know about them.

Improves your skin

In today’s polluted environment, preventing dark spots and patches may seem difficult. But it is not impossible. Brown rice can give you flawless skin dreams for. Containing fiber and various other essential nutrients and minerals, brown rice can make your skin blemish-free. Additionally, being jam-packed in proteins brown rice can promote cell growth and increase blood flow in your skin. This is because proteins are known to be a strong exfoliant.

Treats acne

Containing strong antioxidants, magnesium, and vitamins, brown rice can provide protection against acne breakouts. Also, this rice is knwon to have astringent and cooling properties. This is what helps in reducing and soothing the redness surrounding the acne.

Treats dandruff

You will be able to say goodbye to stubborn dandruff after the intake of brown rice. It contains selenium, which is known to decreases dandruff. Apart from eating brown rice, you can apply its water on your scalp and give your head a good massage. Doing this at least twice a week without a fail can ensure good blood flow in the scalp. This is what can help you get rid of dandruff effectively.