A jumping rope or skipping rope is not just a toy but an exercise equipment that is cheap, can be used by everybody in your family and is portable. This simple equipment burns fat and makes you healthy.  You will be able to shed fat by skipping for about 30 minutes every day. As compared to jogging, skipping rope can burn more fat and engages more muscles; you can burn about 13 calories per minute if you are doing about 100 to 120 skips per minute. You can make if more challenging by doing slight variations. Here is a list of jumping rope routines that will help you to shed more fat and be fit. (ALSO READ These 5 cardio exercises will burn more fat than running wow!).Also Read - 5 Yoga Asanas to Regulate Hormonal Imbalance

1. Jump rope jack

You know skipping and you know jumping jacks, so combine it to do jump rope jacks. This will be more challenging and you will burn more calories. Also Read - Is Delta Variant of Coronavirus Linked to The Onset of New Diabetes Cases?

All you have to do is twirl the rope as usual and jump, extending your feet in and out. You do not have to lift your arms up like you do in jumping jacks. Also Read - Yoga Asana to Boost Memory And Concentration

2. Cross over

You must have done this when you were a kid. The cross over will work your forearms, shoulders and biceps.

You start by jumping the rope normally and then crossing your arms mid way. You will have to cross the arms in front of you when the rope is in the air. Keep it crossed for the rest of the jumps. (ALSO READ 5 easy 10-minute exercises for super busy women who want to be fit).

3. Squat jump rope

Squat jump rope will strengthen your glutes and quads. You can do squat jump rope if you are worried that too much skipping will flatten out your butt.

Start by squatting. Then twirl your rope and jump. When you land make sure you are squatting. Also, try to keep your knees bent to stay in the squat position for a longer period of time.

4. Single leg hop

30 seconds of single leg hops and your calf muscles will be burning. It will not only burn calories but also tone your leg muscles. This is a serious muscle-sculpting routine.

Start by normal jumping rope and then jump using just one leg for about 30 seconds. Then hop to the other leg and jump for about 30 seconds. (ALSO READ These five self defense workouts will also get you into shape).

5. Backward jump rope

The backward jump is a new movement and is a challenge for your body. So, immediately your heart rate will increase and your body will be working more.

It is similar to your usual jumping rope technique but instead of twirling your rope forward, twirl it backward and jump.

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