These days we do not have time and exercising regularly seems impossible. Students have their projects and assignments, home makers have household work and many of us have some deadlines to meet in the office. So, taking time out every single day for exercising is not easy. But we all want to have flat abs and the perfect body and are always up for easy ways to achieve good physique. Burning calories is easier than you think and no we are not asking you take stairs to reach your office on the 10th floor. There are other ways to burn calories during the course of the day. Here are some quick ways to burn calories without exercising. (ALSO READ The exact number of calories burned during different sex positions revealed!)Also Read - Yoga Asana to Boost Memory And Concentration

1. Sit properly

We spend hours siting in our office and at home and you know it is not healthy. One thing you can do is to sit properly. Sit tall engaging your core muscles, which will help you to burn calories and tighten the stomach muscles. This will also help you in keeping your metabolism up. Also Read - Viral Video: Bride Does Pushups Wearing Wedding Lehenga, Gives Major Fitness Goals | Watch

2. Eat negative calorie foods

Negative calorie foods are those that burns more calories than they contain. Rich in water content, proteins, vitasmins and minerals, these vegetables and fruits improve your metabolism. These food items are not only healthy but they are also tasty. Negative calorie food includes watermelons, lettuce, yogurt, tomato, chicken broth, orange, apple and cucumber.(ALSO SEE 12 photographs of yogini Deepika Metha are giving us some serious yoga goals). Also Read - Hair Loss Due to COVID-19 - What You Immediately Need to Know

3. Stand tall

Standing tall will engages many muscles from your leg muscles to your core. Standing burns more calories as compared to sitting down, so find ways to stand more often. Walk while you take a call, stand while you travel or use a standing desk at work.

4. Switch to brown rice and whole wheat bread

Eat brown rice and brown bread instead of polished rice and white bread. Corn flour, white bread, polished rice, potato, pasta contains starch content, which is broken down to sugar and is stored in your body as fat. Avoid starch, if you are trying to lose weight and want to have a flat tummy. (ALSO READ: Best Vegetarian Foods for Sexual Stamina: These vegetarian foods can improve your sexual stamina in no time!).

5. Get a pet

One of the best ways to burn calories is to get a pet (or have kids). Run around with them or play with them, you will burn calories. Your kids will also keep you on toes and help you to incinerate those calories.