If you are someone who loves the quintessential Adrak wali ‘Chai’ immensely, then this piece of information might irk you a little. A new cringe-worthy drink called ‘Butter Tea’ is going viral on the internet and the chai lovers are kinda grossed out. Also Read - Stylish Chaiwala in Nagpur Serves Tea With an Unbeatable Swag, Says He's Inspired by Rajinikanth | Watch Video

Although, the year 2020 was the year of experimenting with our tastebuds but seems like people are still in hangover in 2021 and trying out bizarre food combinations to cringe the internet and challenge their gut. Now, a video has gone viral of a person making tea at their stall wherein the person can be seen putting a whole slab of butter in our beloved chai. An Instagram page called foodieagraaaaa posted this video, the page is dedicated to the best food spots in Agra. ‘Butter wali chai’ experiment is credited to Baba Tea Stall, which is in Agra. Also Read - MP Woman Seeks President Kovind's Help To Buy A Helicopter, Reason Will Break Your Heart

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The viral video has garnered more than 2 lakh views in a span of a few days. Netizens were rather disturbed with the idea of adding a slab of butter to the tea. Few of the users said that this combination is the worst nightmare for any chai lover.

One of the users wrote, “Arre yaar mat karo yeh bahut zyada ho gaya.” Another user wrote, “Arey dada sauce aur mayonise bhi dhal dete ” to which another user wrote, “Thode pav bhaji bhi daal dete.”

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