Amidst looming coronavirus epidemic, people all around the world are trying to look for any possible escape. And, that is why some have started to believe in various myths and misconceptions surrounding the novel coronavirus disease. And, one of the most commonly surfaced myths is that garlic can provide protection against this viral infection. There are a few Ayurveda experts who are claiming that a solution from Ayurveda, Unani, and homeopathy can actually be effective in this regard. However, others are stating this claim inappropriate and premature.Also Read - Tourist Destination Kashmir at Risk of Coronavirus Entry

Here we tell you about the major reason behind the association of Ayurveda with coronavirus prevention. Also Read - Qatar Bans Entry of Passengers From India and 13 Other Countries Over Coronavirus Fears

Intake of herbs cannot actually kill the novel coronavirus, they can only boost your immunity and help you cope up with the infection better. Needless to say, strong immunity is significant for fighting against any foreign bacteria or virus. Also Read - Don't Believe These Common Myths Surrounding Coronavirus Disease

As per an IANS report, Partap Chauhan, Director, Jiva Ayurveda has stated, “We all know that strong immunity is necessary to fight any kind of foreign body or disease. Coronavirus primarily affects the lungs and the respiratory system. Eating a tablespoonful of Chywanprash daily enhances the immunity, specifically that of lungs and the respiratory system.”

He suggested that herbs including basil, amla, giloy, neem, kutki, etc. can help you make your body’s immunity stronger. He also stated that having a piece of fresh ginger every day can keep your digestion on track and help in fighting diseases. However, this claim has already been called a myth by the World Health Organisation.

The popular yoga guru Baba Ramdev also stated the importance of Ayurveda in preventing viral infections like coronavirus. He explained in a youtube video, “To fight Covid-19, giloy and Tulsi can be helpful. If someone has symptoms of coronavirus, consuming ‘kadha’ (decoction) of giloy and Tulsi with black pepper, turmeric and ginger will boost immunity and kill all kinds of viruses.”