Prostate cancer is the second most prevalent cancer in men around the globe and fifth leading cause of death worldwide”, says research published in the World Journal of Oncology. By prostate cancer, we mean uncontrolled development or multiplication of cells in the prostate gland found in men. The prostate is a walnut-shaped gland that produces fluid that is known to nourish sperm and also transport it to the male genitals.

In some men, the prostate slowly becomes large and sometimes does not even need any treatment and get into its usual shape itself. However, in another case, it grows aggressively and also spreads quickly. This type of growth can lead to malignant cancer and is characterized by symptoms including trouble in urination, blood in semen, erectile dysfunction, bone pain, etc.

Though we know that mutation of abnormal cells in the prostate leads to prostate cancer, the exact reason behind the same is unknown. According to doctors in the field, certain factors like being old, having a family history of the condition, or being obese can increase your risk of developing prostate cancer. If not treated on time, it can further lead to complications like metastasis, urinary incontinence, etc. For the treatment of prostate cancer, doctors may suggest surgery or radiation therapy.

If you wish to avoid the onset of prostate cancer, all you need to do is to remain active. Yes, you read it right. Recent research conducted at the World Cancer Research Fund and Cancer Research, UK, has revealed that being active throughout your life can cut your likelihood of developing prostate cancer by half. So, make sure you get up early in the morning every day and hit a gym or practice yoga and eat healthy. Also, have green vegetables, fruits and protein-rich food like fish, eggs, milk, etc. to avoid the onset of prostate cancer.