Did you ever think that the increasing demand for coffee and chocolates can give rise to malaria cases? Yes, you read it right. A study published in the journal Nature Communications has stated that some of the popular food and drinks including cocoa, coffee, soybeans etc. can fuel the flames of malaria. You must be thinking how can this be associated with the onset of malaria. Also Read - Watch | How This Man Used Coffee to Rescue 3 Kittens Frozen To Ground in Canada

Well, coffee production has been found to cause environmental problems. According to various studies, coffee plantation leads to a chemical buildup in soil and loss of forest shade. This can turn rainforest into barren land and lead to soil eroding and land degradation. And these incidents create a favourable condition for the malaria-causing mosquitoes to thrive. Deforestation leads to exposure to pools of water to sunlight. This can lead to an increase in temperature, the most ideal breeding ground. Also Read - This Airline Offers Coffee in Edible, Vanilla-Flavoured Cups to Help Reduce Waste

These results were found out during the study conducted at the University of Sydney. According to the research, around 20 per cent of the malaria risk in deforestation hotspots is due to the international trade of wood products, tobacco, timber, tea, cocoa, coffee, and cotton. Also Read - Malaria: Effective Home Remedies to Get Rid of The Disease

This clearly shows the need to be aware and mindful about the production of food and its consumption. It can help you keep one of the most life-threatening diseases, malaria at bay.

According to the World Health Organisation, malaria affected around 228 million people in 2018. And, it also states that “Children aged under 5 years are the most vulnerable group affected by malaria; in 2018, they accounted for 67 per cent (272 000) of all malaria deaths worldwide. Characterised by fever, headaches, chills, nausea, muscle pain etc., malaria can lead to a series of complications if not treated on time. Some of them include organ failure, anaemia, low blood sugar, breathing problems etc.