Having sex in the time of coronavirus pandemic is not safe. This is what a recently published research has stated. According to JAMA Network Open, COVID-19 can be transmitted through sex as the detectable level of this novel virus has been found in semen. Also Read - Here's How India's 1983 World Cup Winning Team Will Help Delhi Police in Battle Against Coronavirus

The finding suggests how significant it is to indulge in safe sex during this pandemic. According to this Chinese study, the novel coronavirus can remain in the semen of an infected man even after recovery. This means, having sex post the recovery can also increase your partner’s chance of getting the COVID-19 infection. Also Read - Coronavirus: Govt to Use Rs 2000 Crore From PM-CARES For Ventilators, Rs 1000 cr For Migrants | Highlights

For the study, researchers collected semen samples of 38 coronavirus recovered patients and found 6 of them carrying the detectable levels of SARS-CoV-2 in their semen. Currently, there is no information about the concentration of virus in semen and how long it can survive there. Also Read - Coronavirus in Delhi: Only Asymptomatic Passengers to be Allowed to go Home From NDLS

Further studies need to be conducted in order to know how virus reaches the reproductive system of a person and how can we prevent that. Until then, all you can do is to indulge in protective sex and eat immunity boosting food items including oranges, broccoli, garlic, yogurt, almonds etc. This is what can reduce your likelihood of being infected by COVID-19.

Notably, the virus has affected a total of 4309760 people around the globe and has claimed lives of 290606 individuals. In India the death toll owing to this viral infection has reached 2415 while the total number of infected patients is 74281.