In a quest to find an effective resource and develop a powerful vaccine against COVID-19, researchers all over the world are working day and night. And, finally a good news has come on the COVID-19 vaccine front. Also Read - COVID-19: WHO Member States Agree For Independent Probe Into Its Response to Pandemic

Scientists at the Oxford University have revealed that they have developed a COVID-19 vaccine from a protein extracted from tobacco leaves. And, it has been proved successful on rhesus macaques, monkeys belonging to Old World species. They are known to have immune systems similar to humans. The vaccine named ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 is now ready for human trials and it would possibly give promising results. Also Read - 'I Take Hydroxychloroquine Every Day as a Preventative Measure', Reveals Trump as US Death Toll Due to COVID-19 Tops 90,000

The Research

As a part of the study, scientists exposed a group of rhesus macaques to COVID-19 virus and then inserted the developed vaccine into their bodies. Researchers found that the vaccine shots resulted in less number of novel coronavirus in the lungs and airways of these monkeys. It protected them from pneumonia and any possible immune-enhanced disease. Also Read - China to Hold Annual Parliament Session From May 21 as COVID-19 Abates

The newly developed vaccine is based on COVID-19’s distinctive spikes. And, the aim is to make a human body recognise this unique part of the novel virus and react strongly and effectively by secreting right antibodies when it comes in contact with the entire virus.

According to the British American Tobacco, a cigarette and tobacco manufacturing company, the tobacco-based COVID-19 vaccine has got approval from the FDA for human trials.

Mechanism Behind Preparation of The Vaccine 

In order to prepare the vaccine against COVID-19, scientists artificially built novel coronavirus antigens and then inserted them into tobacco plants for reproduction. After the harvest, the researchers purified the antigens (essentially a component of COVID-19) and inserted them into the monkeys’ body. This is what resulted in expected immune response and showed promising results. According to scientists, this newly developed vaccine won’t be expensive and is going to be a single dose vaccine.

While the researchers are gearing up for the much-anticipated human trials of the COVID-19 vaccine, we are hoping for its successful tests. Meanwhile, let’s just keep ourselves safe by opting for essential and basic preventive measures.