Have you ever thought that trees can save us from a pandemic? Yes, you read it right. A recent report states that air pollution is causing a rapid increase in the death rate due to COVID-19. And, that is why there is an urgent need for cleaner air which we can get from plants and trees. Also Read - COVID-19 Vaccine Update: India Readies 5 Sites to Begin Final Phase of Human Trials For Oxford Vaccine

According to a latest report released by the Environmental Protection Ministry of Israel, there is a direct association between air pollution and a higher death rate owing to the novel coronavirus. Also Read - Right Decision at Right Time: PM Modi Explains Why India Better Placed in COVID-19 Flight

Too much exposure to air pollution affects your health and immunity, making you susceptible to infections and diseases. It severely affects the vulnerable group of people including children, pregnant women, and elderly raising their risk of getting COVID-19. Also Read - Young Adults Under 40 Years Worst-hit by COVID-19 in Canada

It has also been found that if you are already affected by COVID-19 virus, your chances to die from the disease increases if you are exposed to excessive air pollution. Air pollutants can exacerbate the preexisting conditions raising your possibility of suffering from its lethal complications.

Therefore, there is an urgent need to lower the pollution level by cutting down the emission of particulates. Imposing lockdown can not only help contain the virus but prevent an increasing number of deaths due to COVID-19. Another way to slow down the pollution level is by planting more and more trees. Keep your surroundings green so that you remain safe and away from COVID-19.

Notably, the novel coronavirus has affected a total of 1435453 people in India til now and has claimed lives of 32771 of them. However, globally, a total of 16117308 individuals have contracted the new virus and 603285 of them have succumbed to it. So, take as many precautions as you can to remain safe. Maintain social distancing and do not step outside unless it is extremely important. Also, do not forget to keep washing your hands with soap and water especially when you touch a surface.