COVID-19 has reportedly claimed the lives of 3,48,356 people worldwide and is continue to affect the human race. Researchers around the world are trying to understand how to break the anatomy of the novel virus and make it ineffective. In a bid to do so, approximately 100 clinical trials and studies are happening globally.Also Read - As Coronavirus Cases Cross 1.40 Lakh-mark, India Now Among 10 Worst-hit Countries, Surpasses Iran

Researchers are finding new facts about this novel pathogen almost every other week. Drugs or natural compounds that were initially found to be effective against the coronavirus have turned out to be not that significant in the fight against COVID-19. For example, vitamin D. A few weeks ago, a study published in the journal Aging Clinical and Experimental Research revealed that vitamin D deficiency plays a significant role in the death of patients due to coronavirus disease. According to the findings, people living countries like Italy and Spain generally have a low level of vitamin D in their bodies and that’s what makes them more vulnerable to die from COVID-19 infection. The study had found that vitamin D helps in making your immunity strong and helps in fighting against the novel coronavirus infection. Also Read - Can Low Level of Vitamin D Increase Your Mortality Risk Due to COVID-19?

However, the latest research has revealed that though vitamin D is strongly linked to a reduced risk of respiratory diseases including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, it doesn’t have any firm role in resisting or treating severe respiratory tract infection caused by the novel coronavirus. According to scientists, vitamin D can help you improve your immunity and your overall health but there is no scientific evidence that says, it protects you against COVID-19 infection. Also Read - Vitamin D, a Significant Nutrient That You Require to be Healthy

But that doesn’t mean you should not have enough of this nutrient. Vitamin D is produced in your body with exposure to sunlight. It is significant for the growth and strength of your bones. This fat-soluble vitamin also regulates your immune response by preventing the excessive release of cytokines, which is an extreme immune response that can destroy your body cells.