In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, India is experiencing lockdown from the past 9 days now and people look for coronavirus update every second hour. In this time period, the number of coronavirus positive patients in the country has increased unimaginably. Also Read - Coronavirus: Trump Tests Negative For Second Time, Says 'It Took Just 15 Minutes For The Result'

Amidst this crisis, there are some people who are concerned about the scarcity of ration at home and fear of going out in a crowded place to buy household items. However, others are concerned if the novel coronavirus can be transmitted through the food items like fruits and vegetables, that we are buying. Also Read - Coronavirus Outbreak: Google Urges People to Stay Safe, Save Lives With Doodle

Well, this is normal for such thought to cross your mind especially when we are advised to keep extra care about hygiene and things we touch or eat. So, can you really get coronavirus from fresh fruits and vegetables? Also Read - Coronavirus + Dying Woman Refuses to Use Ventilator, Says 'I Had a Good Life, Save it For Younger Patients'

No, you cannot. This is what scientific evidences show. According to a professor and food safety specialist at the North Carolina State University, until now, we do not have any evidence to prove that food (fruits and vegetables) can lead to coronavirus transmission. Transmission of coronavirus through food is less likely because this novel virus cannot grow inside food as it needs a living body to survive.

However, as far as catching the virus by touching contaminated fruits and vegetables are concerned, if you follow the current guidelines of the government and maintain good hygiene, you won’t get the infection. Whenever you buy food and come back home, wash all the vegetables and fruits. Also, change your clothes, take a bath, and clean the bag in which you carried the food. This way you can prevent the transmission of COVID-19 from the surface of fruits and vegetables.

Questions like this are arising every other day because COVID-19 is a novel virus about which, scientists do not have much information. Our understanding about the coronavirus transmission and its treatment options may change as more information becomes available.

As per the WHO’s information, COVID-19 can be transmitted through human to human touch. Touching a contaminated surface and then touching your nose, eyes, or mouth can lead to coronavirus spread.