Weight Loss: Losing weight sure seems like a task. Over the years, many influencers, celebs, and nutritionists have spoken about the many benefits of adding chia seeds to the daily diet to shed those extra kilos. Let’s take a moment and ponder on this, is chia seeds really helpful? Is there any proven data behind this narrative? Or is it a hoax? Let’s debunk the fact, one point at a time.Also Read - Best Foods That Boost Your Brain And Improve Brain Health| Watch Video To Know

Chia seeds which look like small black seeds are nothing but Mexican mint. It is from the mint family and is treated like cereal and eaten like a whole grain. However, chia seeds are nutritious. They are highly rich in carbohydrates, omega-3 fatty acids, and proteins. When contacted with liquid, chia seeds expand and forms like a thick gel. Also Read - Alzheimer’s Disease And Dementia: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnostic Tests And Treatment

People include chia seeds in their everyday food too. One can see the seeds in the pudding, smoothie, juices, oatmeal, yogurt, and several other dishes. Not only this, but some people also drink chia seed water as a part of their weight loss regime. They make sure to incorporate all parts of chia seeds into their diet. Also Read - 6 Possible Reasons For The Unexpected Weight Gain, Nutritionist Explains

However, the uncertainly still looms. Are the seeds even effective? With the internet sensationalising the weight loss ability by just consuming chia seeds, the latter got into the limelight. According to the internet, by consuming two tablespoons of chia seeds on daily basis, a person loses weight as it has 10 grams of fibre. Fibre is essential for weight loss as it tends to keep a person fuller for a longer period.

Truth be told, there is no scientific data or enough research work done to prove its effectiveness. Even though some studies may have suggested the use but there is no rock-solid data to back the argument.

The National Institutes of Health aimed at proving the effectiveness of chia seeds. For this, a group of 26 participants was made to consume 36g of chia flour every day for 12 weeks. The group later was divided into two smaller groups: one group who had consumed the chia flour and the other group who did not consume. They checked their status after 12 weeks and no major changes had taken place. A minute change did occur, however. People who were obese before the start of the study had lost some weight whereas, for people who were not obese, nothing changed at all.

Being highly dependent on chia seeds for losing weight will not be helpful. One should always try other mediums of losing weight and not just blindly relying on the seeds alone. For people who are on a low-calorie diet, chia seeds can be useful but there is no concrete data to support this either.

On the whole, chia seeds alone will not be helpful at all. One has to maintain a strict diet along with routine exercise to reduce weight. Food is important and by slacking off just that, it is difficult to reduce weight.

(Written by K.S. Swati)