The internet is undoubtedly a funny place. It is full of wonderful, weird and outright bizarre people wanting to get a little visibility and instant fame among the netizens, by doing all sorts of crazy stuff. You might have seen numerous videos on social media and Youtube about cooking hacks and rookie tricks to make life a little simpler for lazy millennials. But there is one woman who is taking the whole ‘jagaadu’ cooking game to an entirely new level. Her name is a Ms Yeah and she seems to be a full-time professional and also a part-time ‘master chef’.

What has made Ms Yeah an internet celebrity is her knack for making the most elaborate dishes from the most regular office equipment and supplies, like water dispenser, CPU, iron and just about anything she finds around her. Using all of this, she has made foods ranging from popcorn, crepes, noodles, steaks and even cotton candy! The most shocking part of her videos is how unperturbed the woman’s colleagues seem with her crazy food creations and cooking shenanigans. Needless to say, her efforts are appreciated by her audiences. ALSO READ: Activated charcoal is the hottest food trend in town: Everything you need to know about its health benefits, taste and where to try it!

Ms Yeah’s Youtube channel has around 70,000 subscribers and her videos are shared and re-shared widely on various social media pages and have consequently amassed millions of views from around the world. Curious fans and followers are always asking the same questions about Yeah’s bizarre cooking tactics- How on Earth does she get away with all that?! That’s honestly something we’d also like to know. ALSO READ: Coffee in a Cone: This latest food trend is all the rage on Instagram right now!

One such baffled follower wrote on Youtube, ‘You are truly talented. Though I’m curious as to why your boss allows you to do this.’ ‘Do you bribe your boss with food so that he lets you do this?’, asked another. Some people have even speculated that she is herself the boss of all the people seen sitting around her and that’s probably why she never falls into trouble with anyone. That is one possible explanation for the outrageous antics, since some of the things that the woman does to cook her meals are truly dangerous. In one of the videos, she used a battery to start a wood fire at her desk and in another she used a cola can to slice vegetables.

Well whatever the case, she certainly has a way of working things out, using whatever she gets around her. Meanwhile, we are here praying for a day when can get an egg to come out perfectly boiled, even though we’ve been using a normal stove!

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