Summer brings an array of skin problems. Itchy rashes, acne breakout, and sunburn are a few skin conditions that are common during hot and humid climate. Here we will talk about one such skin infection that can occur if you wear tight clothing. It is called folliculitis. Also Read - Lupin gets USFDA nod to market its skin conditions cream

Folliculitis is basically a skin infection that occurs when your hair follicles become inflamed. The reason behind this is bacterial and fungal infection. Majorly, it occurs when your hair follicles get infected with Staphylococcus aureus (staph) bacteria. Apart from scalp, folliculitis affects your lips, palms, soles, and mucous membranes. Also Read - British singer Joss Stone raises funds for 11-year-old who is turning into a stone due to tragic skin condition

Folliculitis is characterised by symptoms including itchy and burning skin, pain, clusters of small red bumps, tender skin, and large swollen mass. Certain factors including having acne, diabetes, and consuming certain drugs can increase your risk of being infected by folliculitis. Also, if you are a male with curly hair, or wear tight clothing especially during summer, your chances of developing folliculitis becomes higher than others.

If not treated on time, folliculitis can lead to complications like recurrent infection, permanent skin damage, destruction of hair follicles etc. If you wish to prevent this condition, avoid wearing tight clothes as increased friction between skin and clothes leads to folliculitis. Also, if you have razor bumps, it is advised to avoid shaving.

In case you are already suffering from folliculitis, you must consult a doctor. He may prescribe you certain creams or drugs to control the infection. In case the cause behind folliculitis is yeast, you may be asked to use anti-fungal shampoo and creams. There are effective home remedies too that you can use, Applying soothing lotion, over the counter antibiotics, and keeping the affected area clean can be helpful in this regard.