The novel coronavirus has left the entire world in a terrible situation where we are scared of getting the infection 24 hours. Face masks and gloves have become a non-detachable part of our bodies and we are afraid to touch and hug our family members. What else can be as pathetic as this? Your child’s mental health. Yes, you read it right. This time shall pass and we will become victorious one day but we cannot afford to lose our family in the process of the very long fight. So, it is important to keep your stress level minimum and pay attention to your child’s psychological health too. Also Read - Hate Desk Job? It May be Good For Your Mental Health

Closing of schools owing to COVID-19 pandemic has forced the government and private schools to remain shut till the virus is flushed out from our country. And, this is what is causing stress to your child. Here is what you can do to keep her calm during this hard time. Also Read - OPINION | Fans' Cringeworthy Reactions to 16-Year-Old TikTok Star Siya Kakkar's Death by Suicide Brings us to Square One of Mental Health Discussion

Set a routine

A child’s mind is extremely fragile. And, pandemic may have a long-lasting impact on your kid’s mind if you do not pay attention. Children have a habit of following a set routine every day. Any change in it can cause stress, especially when the change is huge and for a long duration. Also, the pandemic has prohibited going out resulting in a feeling being caged at home. This can become boring for your kid and can gradually start to impact her mind negatively. So, set a routine for everything at home. There should be a set time duration for studies, lunch, playtime, and hobbies too. Also Read - After Sushant Singh Rajput's Death, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja Receives Hate Messages, Says 'Preserving My Mental Health'

Let Your Kid Talk to Her Friends

Children just cannot keep quiet. They need friends to socialise. And, no place can be better than their school to do that. But closing of educational institutions has disrupted their normal routine. So, you must take out some time every day and make a video call to your kid’s friend. Let her talk to her peers. But, ensure that her screen time is not too long.

Let Your Child Enjoy Her Hobby

Being at home all the time can be mentally draining and can make your child feel lonely. To prevent these happenings, let your kid indulge in her hobby for at least an hour. It can be anything from dancing to singing, cooking, drawing, or just playing with toys.