If soy milk and almond milk were any indications to the growing variety in milk, now in a bizarre twist we have been introduced to cockroach milk. Yes, you read that correctly. In fact, if you are wondering when did cockroach’s start producing milk? then read on to find out more about this superfood fad. Also Read - 4 Healthy Nut-Milk Alternatives to Dairy

It has been found that milk crystals that are found in the Pacific Beetle and which are used as food for baby cockroaches have a very rich source of protein. it has also been found that it could be favourable to humans as per a report published in the International Union of Crystallography. Also Read - Cockroach milk, an excellent protein, may become the next big superfood!

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Cockroach milk benefits:

Due to the benefits being found in Cockroach milk the scientists are deeming it as the next big superfood. It has been found that cockroach milk has four times the amount of protein than cow’s milk and three times than that of buffalo’s milk. It also has crucial amino-acids that promote growth in the cells, providing lipids which are important for a healthy body and essential sugars that give energy to our bodies.

How to have cockroach milk?

Though cockroach milk isn’t as easily available as cow’s or buffalo’s milk, reports suggest that consuming it in the form of a pill will be viable. However, approximately 100 cockroaches will be used to make one pill.

Can it be included in your beauty regimen?

As per Marie Claire, cockroach milk may not become a part of our beauty regimen as the hormones present may make acne worse in certain individuals. The high levels of sugar may also be a hindrance as far as beauty products are concerned.

Let’s wait and see if this fad catches on.