From bright red lipstick to blue eyeliner to the glitter eyeshadow, we love makeup. It can transform your look from girl-next-door to ultra-glamorous. It is also true that you need to have the skill to draw that perfect cat-eye or contour your check. Many girls experiment with their look a lot before settling for the most flattering look. This mean, you also end up making many makeup mistakes during your learning phase. Sometimes, even after becoming pro at applying makeup, you end up making a mistake. Here are some of the common makeup mistakes and how to avoid them. (ALSO READ Ladies, These Are The 5 Lipstick Mistakes That You Should Stop Making Right Now!).

Using the wrong foundation

It is important to use a foundation closer to your complexion to get a flawless finish. The best way to check whether the foundation matches your complexion is to apply it along the jawline instead of the hand. The color of your hand is different from your face. Your foundation should be luminous.

Not moisturizing your skin before applying makeup

One of the common mistakes is not moisturizing your skin before applying the makeup.  This can make your skin look cracked, dull and tired. You should start by applying moisturizer to hydrate your skin and keep it looking fresh and natural. A well-moisturized face is a good base for your makeup.

You are not applying the makeup on the right spot

Makeup mistakes

Makeup mistakes

Sometimes, you apply makeup in the wrong spot and this can drag down your look. If you are applying blush, make sure it is around half an inch above the apple of your cheeks to lift your feature. If you are above the age of 40, you do not actually need dark contouring as you have the definition due to fat loss. If you are using eyeshadow, blend the colors well.

Wrong way of using concealer

It is never a good idea to use too much product. Concealer, which is used to cover the dark circles and other flaws, when used in excess, can make your look unnatural and patchy. You just need a few drops of concealer to cover the dark circle. Apply a thin layer of the product, wait for it to dry and then apply another layer. Blend the product well and set it with some translucent, loose powder.

Change your makeup according to your age

The makeup you used when you were in your 20’s may not suit you when age as you lose fat from your face and the structure changes. There are also age-related signs like fine lines, wrinkles and dryness. You need a more nourishing makeup kit and some professional help to transform your look. Talk to your makeup artist to get a more suitable makeup look.