Do you constantly have a niggling backache? Is your chronic backache stopping you from doing your everyday tasks? In order to treat your backache, you need to know what’s causing it. Here are some common mistakes that you do that are giving you a painful backache:

Watching TV series on your phone: If you are one of those who like to download several seasons of your favourite TV shows on your phone and watch them while travelling, it is very likely that you suffer or are likely to suffer from backache. We have a tendency to hold our mobile phones down and strain our neck to look downwards. In the process, you also tend to arch your back. This not only spoils your posture, but it can also damage your spine.

Sitting on your office chair that offers no lumbar support: The natural shape of your back is such that it has an inward curve. When you sit on a regular especially for long hours at a stretch in your office, there is not enough support for your lower spine. This can lead to pain. You either need a chair with lumbar support or need to put specially-designed lumbar support pillows on your chair.

Mental stress: One of the most common yet overlooked reasons for backache is mental stress. When your body has more stress hormones, it is in a state of constant alert. Every body reacts to this in a different way but in many cases, this may manifest in the form of back pain. Several studies have linked chronic pain and chronic stress.

Staying away from sunlight: Do you shun the sun? It is very important that you get enough vitamin D from sunlight and other natural resources if you don’t you are likely to get a backache. How? Vitamin D is extremely crucial for your bone and joint health. If your spine isn’t strong enough to support your body, you will get a backache.