Unwanted pregnancy is something we get to hear about a lot. Initially, people were not introduced to contraceptive pills and condoms. But now every possible way is available and still the situation is worse. Some do not have access to contraceptives and others do not use it saying that using them makes sexual act less pleasurable. There are people who have certain misconceptions about the use of contraceptives and birth controlling methods that make them keep a safe distance from this population controlling technique. Here, we will bust some of the common myths surrounding birth control. Read on to know about them.

If you are breastfeeding you can’t be pregnant

Though it is rare for lactating mothers to become pregnant, possibilities are there. During breastfeeding, ovulation occurs in case the level of hormones in the body is not as high as expected. In that case, you may end up being pregnant again. So, if you wish to get intimate with your partner during this phase, do ask him to use a condom or have birth control pills post sex.

Douching can effectively prevent pregnancy

This is not true. It may work but not all the time. Usually, by the time you would try douching, the sperm may have reached your cervix. So, do not rely on this method to prevent pregnancy. Also, douching has been found to be irritating, It can cause infection and imbalance of bacteria in the gut.

Unless you get an orgasm, you can’t be pregnant

This is one of the most silliest thing one can think of. Orgasm is not at all associated with fertilization. You may not experience orgasm even when the sperm reaches your cervix. So, stop linking orgasm to pregnancy and use the contraceptive ways available to prevent pregnancy.