We spend a considerable amount of time at our workplace. Amidst the hectic office schedule, we manage to bond with our colleagues, some of whom gradually become friends. While some of us get a warm welcome by our co-workers, others get a cold shoulder and people do not like them. If you are one of those unlucky people, you need to introspect and think what’s the reason behind this unjust behaviour of your colleagued towards you? Have you done something that has disappointed or hurt them? Sometimes, you develop a disturbing habit that unknowingly annoys other people and leads to unfavourable treatment. Let’s know about certain workplace habits that can make you earn other’s displeasure.Also Read - Facebook Workplace Adds 2 Million More Paid Users Since October

Being a gossipmonger

Staring a gossip or being a part of it by spreading it to others is a common habit most of the people have. But, that’s what makes you unpopular. Though everyone likes to get gossips and be aware of everything going around them, they do want others to spread rumours about them. So, if you are thinking that giving gossip to people makes you everyone’s favourite, you are highly mistaken. Nobody takes a gossipmonger seriously. Also Read - Is Your Job Killing You? Workplace Stress Can Lead to Death

If you poke your nose in other’s business and disrespect other’s work

Nobody likes to be constantly watched or poked by anyone. It is extremely unprofessional to interfere in your colleagues’ personal life or business. Also, if you have a habit of disrespecting other’s work, nobody would respect yours too. Devaluing anyone’s work behind his/her back cannot make you win appreciation in office.

If you complains a lot

Constant complains are not liked by people. They appreciate those who come up with a solution to the problems. If you keep on cribbing about everything around you like the food in the canteen, the achievement of your colleague, office policies, workload etc., nobody would appreciate you but only ignore you.