Babies require a lot of attention, especially during the initial phase. They can’t speak and hence show certain signs to tell you about their needs. So, it is important for you to be able to decode their signs or get ready to see them in a hospital soon. Mother’s milk is the only source of nutrition for the little munchkins. Milk keeps them well-fed and healthy. Improper breastfeeding or care may lead to dehydration in your little bunch of joy. And, it is a bit difficult to understand if your baby’s body is dehydrated. To make things easier for you, here we are mentioning certain signs you need to look out for.

Your baby is crying without tears

If your baby is a few months old and still does not shed tears while crying, it is a clear sign of dehydration. This happens when your little baby’s body runs low on water and tears do not form. This means that you need to increase the breastfeeding episode.

Baby is urinating less than usual

Babies urinate a lot during the first six months. In that time period, making diapers wet 5 to 6 times a day is normal. And a change in this frequency means that your baby is not getting enough milk. Urine formation requires enough water. Another sign of dehydration is the change in colour of urine. When it becomes dark yellow, you should increase the number of times you feed your baby.

If your little bundle of joy is cranky

A hungry or dehydrated baby is normally cranky. He will get irritated and cry very easily. To stop the crying episode, you just need to feed him more frequently than you do. If his crankiness is followed by dry mouth and face, the condition is confirmed. Dehydration makes skin chap or peel and also causes the hands and feet to feel warmer than usual.