A 43-years old cancer survivor named Mrs. Vaijanti, did not let cancer win over her life. In 2017, she was diagnosed with stage-3 breast carcinoma and in the process of treatment, she went through breast surgery. Despite 16 rounds of chemotherapy, which is a challenge in itself, the suffering did not stop here and cancer started spreading to other body parts as well. Also Read - Skin Cancer: Know The Types And Preventive Measures

Two months back, she developed a fracture in her spine which left her completely paralyzed below the abdomen. Due to this, she was unable to move her legs. It became an ordeal for her and her family, making it difficult to attend regular hygiene check-ups. She was bedridden for two months which caused bedsore between her buttocks. Also Read - Higher Lung Cancer Rates Found in Young Women Than in Men: Study

Since her condition was deteriorating, the family consulted Artemis Hospital, Gurugram, where the team of doctors examined her case and suggested surgery. Also Read - Sonali Bendre Shares Powerful Message For All of us on World Cancer Day – A Note to Self

Surgery was the only option we were left with, to improve her condition. However, observing her situation and the spread of cancer to multiple organs, the surgery seemed very difficult. It was a complicated case. Her body was paralyzed two months back and it was difficult to say how much spinal cord was still alive. The family was informed that surgery might lead to more complications because of the widespread of the disease.” explained Dr. Hitesh Garg, Head of spine surgery at Artemis Hospitals.

Mrs. Vaijanti, who has a fighter spirit and a positive attitude towards life, shared her experience and said, “I have been fighting with this aggressive cancer for the last 3 years. My spine was fractured and paralyzed but it could not break my willpower to live further. Even though the success rate of surgery was very less but I was determined to face it. My determination, family support and the best medical care provided by Artemis Hospital made me walk again on my legs.”

Dr. Himanshu Tyagi, Orthopaedics, Spine Surgery said, “Mrs. Vaijanti’s recovery is remarkable. The operation was done on 26th December and within a week she was able to stand on her feet. To our greater surprise, after 2 weeks she came into the OPD walking on her own. She is truly a motivation for all cancer patients.”

Cancer fighters like Mrs. Vaijanti who never lose hope and do not give up are the role models for all the cancer patients. Her ‘Never say die’ attitude will encourage many more fighting with this dreaded disease.