During the nationwide lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic, home delivery of essential items has turned out to be a lifeline. As we have been asked to maintain social distancing, very few people are heading out of their homes and that too for important purposes only. But is it enough to keep yourself safe from coronavirus? You may get affected while accepting the home delivery. So, there are certain measures that you can follow in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Here are they: Also Read - Coronavirus: Maharashtra Cabinet Approves Proposal For 30% Salary Cut of MLAs For One Year

Ask For Contact-Free Delivery

Currently, almost all the online grocery providers have this option that you can opt for. This allows the delivery boy to leave your order either at your doorstep or on a location designated by you. This is a great way to minimize contact and reduce risk of transmission of the novel virus. In case, contact-free delivery option is not there, you can call the delivery boy and ask to accommodate. Also Read - Cricket Behind Closed Doors Amid Coronavirus Fine: Azhar Ali

Wash Your Hands

Though there is no evidence of transmission of coronavirus from food or food packaging, taking preventive measures can do no harm. So, it is always good to wash your hands after receiving the order. Also, before washing, do not touch your mouth, eyes, or nose. This is important as any surface can contain virus and you may end up getting the infection. Also Read - First Frontline Casualty: Indore Doctor Passes Away After Battling With Coronavirus

Remove Packaging

As virus can survive on a surface for many hours to a few days, touching it can make you likely to get the virus. So, it is advised to unpack the food items and put them in utensils or bowls. Also, after removing the packaging, do clean your hands with water and soap.