A 57-year-old shrimp seller in Chinese wet market has been identified as ‘patient zero’ in coronavirus pandemic. This means, she is believed to be the first person to have contracted coronavirus and tested positive. As per the media reports, Wei Guixian is the woman who first developed the symptoms of COVID-19 when she was selling shrimp at the Huanan Seafood Market. She was diagnosed in December and was among the first 27 people in China who tested positive for coronavirus. Doctors isolated the woman after more patients with the same infection started to visit Wuhan Union Hospital. Also Read - 'Telangana Could be COVID-19 Free by April 7 if...': CM KCR on State's Battle With Coronavirus

Though researchers believe that the woman contracted the virus from an (assumingly bat or pangolin) animal’s fluid at the market, Wei Guixian thinks different. According to her, she may have got the coronavirus from the shared toilet in the market. Whatever be the case is, Wei Guixian is the patient zero and this information can be beneficial in preventing future pandemics. Those who do not know much about patient zero, it is basically the first documented patient in an epidemic within a population. The person may not be the first affected patient. Also Read - Joe Diffie, Grammy Award-Winning Singer, Dies of Coronavirus at 61

To find out the trigger behind an outbreak, scientists find out the lineage of a virus through those it has infected, with the help of genetic analysis. Certain epidemiological studies also help in knowing the person who may have been the first individual to start spreading the disease. Also Read - Shadow Practice, Video Calls With Coach: How PV Sindhu Is Spending Her Time During Coronavirus Lockdown

Identifying patient zero is significant as it helps in getting answers about how, when, and why a pandemic started. This can help in limiting the number of people getting infected now or in future outbreaks.