Coronavirus is the most trending term these days. Everyone around the world is scared and is looking for ways to either stay away from the COVID-19 or fight against it effectively. The virus has affected a total of 129 people in India and more than 1,62000 globally. Amidst this increasing prevalence, it is important to take effective measures to keep coronavirus at bay. One of the ways to do that is by boosting your immunity. According to various media reports, all the COVID-19 patients in India who died because of the disease had a weaker immune system than the general population. This means that having a weak immune system increases your risk of succumbing to the viral infection. So, here we tell you about certain foods that can help you be healthy and capable enough to survive the viral infection and the treatment as well.Also Read - Want to Lose Weight And Improve Immunity? Opt For Jaggery

Vitamin C rich food

Present in foods including orange, broccoli, mango, parsley, guava etc. vitamin C can boost your immunity. Vitamin C works because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Having enough of this vitamin on a daily basis can help you prevent or/and reduce the symptoms of respiratory infections like common cold and bronchitis. Also Read - Wants to Improve Heart Health And Immunity? Opt For Pomegranate

Green tea

It contains a potent antioxidant called polyphenols that have immune-boosting effects. Also, its consumption can improve your brain function and regulate your weight. Even if you wish to reduce the risk of getting diabetes and heart diseases, green tea can be effective.


Yogurt is rich in probiotics, microorganisms that are known to be gut-friendly and strengthening the immune system. Eating yogurt every day can increase the level of good bacteria in your gut and can improve your first line of defence against pathogens. Notably, your gut flora constitutes 70 per cent of the immune system.