In current situation, most of the companies have asked their employees to work from home. Like every other thing, working from home has some advantages and disadvantages too. If you think it is easy to stay in the comfort zone of your home and work, you are mistaken. It is difficult as there are a lot of temptations around you that can cause distraction and you may end up doing what you desire as there would be no one to supervise. Working from home does save your travel cost but it increases your output time. Working from home can be really stressful especially if you have children around you. Now that working from home has become a necessity amidst coronavirus pandemic, we help you with a few tips to make it less stressful and help you stay focused. Also Read - Champions League Match between Atlanta And Valencia 'Biological Bomb' That Triggered Spread of Coronavirus in Italy And Spain

Create a workstation

Creating a dedicated workstation at home can give a feeling of working in the office. This is important in order to be productive at work. Once you have created the workplace, nobody from your family should be allowed to come there and seek help or discuss anything. When you are working, your family must consider that you are not home. Also, make sure there is no distractions like TV, loud music or pet near your workplace. Also Read - Be Prepared, Coronavirus May Become Seasonal Infection: US Scientist

Wear office uniform

This may sound weird to you but believe us, dressing up the way you dress for office has a great impact on how you feel and work. It can be a motivating factor while working at home and can boost your productivity. Being in casual clothes like loungewear can make you feel relaxed and you will be more drawn to distractions. However, when you put on formal attire, your brain gets a signal that it is time to be serious and focused. Also Read - Lockdown Forces 1.7 Lakh Infosys Techies to Work From Home

Take enough breaks

Yes, you read it right. According to various studies in the field, a person should take a 17 minutes break after working for every 52 minutes. This is what we call the rule of 52 and 17. Doing this can keep you motivated and increase your work efficiency. During the short breaks, you can have something to eat or simply relax.

Follow a strict working schedule

It is important to have a strict working schedule just like we have in office. While you are at home, thoughts like, ‘I will do it later’, I have the entire day to compete my work’, etc. can keep you engaged in work for longer than required. You may end up finding yourself spending 11 to 12 hours working and delaying your work. This can be a really serious problem .