Amidst the ongoing health emergency that the world is experiencing, hundreds of millions of people are adhering to the government’s orders and staying at home in isolation in a bid to prevent themselves from coronavirus disease. This is what has given rise to mental health problems including anxiety and stress. Though these are not the symptoms of the novel infection, the frustration of being in isolation, fear of dying, and uncertainty about the end of this pandemic have led to these responses from people all around the world. Also Read - 'Every Breath is a Battle, Don't Take Any Chances': Woman With COVID-19 Posts Chilling Video | Watch

Though humans have suffered through worse in history and have still managed to come out of the pandemic situations, the journey was never easy. And, that is what making people fear about. Everyday’s extensive news coverage, an ocean of information on the Internet, and continuous transfer of rumours have made the situation worse and creating nervousness amongst people. Additionally, the persistent fear of job loss due to economic fallout, getting sick due to coronavirus, and demands for social distancing have turned the concerns into anxiety and stress. This is not good for anyone and especially for those who are already dealing with some sort of mental illness. So, here is what health experts suggest in order to cope up with the mental problems arising currently during this pandemic situation. Also Read - Kanika Kapoor's Friend Forced to Undergo Test For COVID-19 at Mumbai Hospital After Neighbours Complained to BMC

While you are in isolation and practising social distancing, it is significant for being emotionally connected with your family and friends. To do that, you can use social media and digital communication and get connected with people. Also, you can indulge in doing things that interest you. Also Read - Coronvirus Pandemic: Person in Attendance for India vs Australia ICC Women's T20 World Cup Final at The MCG Diagnosed With Coronavirus

You must remind yourself that this is a temporary period of isolation to slow the spread of the virus. And, efforts that you are putting right now to keep yourself away from the infection is helping others, loved ones, your family and neighbours in the community to avoid contracting the virus.

Children are impressionable and observant. So, we need to be role models for them especially at this time of crisis. Be socially responsible and ensure that the home atmosphere is positive. Spend time with your kids, play indoor games and do not let them feel pressure. Also, encourage them to maintain hygiene and self care.

You can also indulge in activities like board games, reading, teaching your kids, a new skill, getting them to do small chores in the house. This can help you and them not only keeping the boredom at bay but also improving self-esteem and sense of purpose.

Avoid getting overloaded with information, surrounding yourself with negative and hopeless thoughts, reading information from unreliable sources, and transferring your anger, frustration or helplessness on others. Sleep well, exercise, follow a balanced diet and spend time communicating with your loved ones.

With inputs from IANS