Coronavirus spread seems to be on the peak now. In just one day, the number of COVID-19 affected patients in India has reached 102 from 84 on Saturday. The increasing prevalence of coronavirus disease makes it important for all of you to take extra precautions and avoid any kind of contact with the people, especially with those who are already sick. Also Read - Trending News Today, March 15, 2020: Sunny Leone is All Bored Staying at Home Amid Coronavirus Scare, Shares Video With Glass of Wine

Since WHO has recommended to frequently clean your hands in order to prevent coronavirus disease, many of you must be doing that countless times every day. But that is not enough. What about “high touch” surfaces? There are certain things like phones, tablets, keyboards etc. that you touch quite frequently on a daily basis.
According to tests done by researchers, the coronavirus can live on plastic and stainless steel for two to three days.  So, there are chances that you might have touched an infected person or surface and then have picked up your phone. This can potentially increase your likelihood of getting coronavirus disease, says Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Also Read - Trending Bollywood News, March 15: Disha Patani's Driver Offering Her Sanitizer in This Viral Video Shows we Have to Fight Coronavirus Together

Now, the question arises, how to clean your phone or other gadgets? Cleaning them, the wrong way could lead to damage. Here we tell you dos and don’ts for cleaning them. Pay attention. Also Read - Coronavirus Video Conference of SAARC Countries on PM Modi's Proposal: What to Expect

  • Make sure your phone is switched off while you are cleaning it. Also, unplug the charging cord or cables.
  • Use wipes with 70 per cent of alcohol to clean your device. Get rid of that wipe immediately after wiping down.
  • Make sure your phone has a protective screen cover and case. This can avoid damage to the touchscreen.
  • You can also use a soft cloth dipped in soap and water to clean your phone. But before wiping, make sure you have squeezed it enough to avoid getting water in the device.
  • Directly spraying household cleaners on mobile phones is not at all recommended. Also, do not use compressed air device to get rid of germs on gadgets.